Online Blunders That Cost Celebrities

With the advent of social media news spreads faster and people are more critical than ever. The online community is unforgiving and once they get to you there will be no holds barred. Countless times we have seen celebrities ruin their lives with racist rants, drug addiction, rape, sexist comments, drunk driving, child pornography among many others. With just one bad move, online celebrities have not only lost million of dollars in suits against them but also their reputation and with it future deals. Here are some celebrities whose celebrity status took a nosedive.

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan was a star we couldn’t wait to see on Smack Down with his bulging muscle, his trademark white mustache and his killer moves in the ring. We almost always knew he will rip his vest and bit the pulp out of someone. He has also graced us with several movies from the 1980s in a career spanning over three decades.His career at the WWE went down the drain when his daughter Brooke started dating a black man and apparently Hogan was against it. In a tape released he is heard admitting he is a racist to a point. He was also heard saying that it would have been better were she dating a millionaire or at least a famous basketball player. A massive lawsuit followed which Hogan ended up winning although with a tarnished reputation. He was however terminated from WWE.
Ceelo Green

He is known for his amazing vocals and several hits he has released in his music career. Apart from his musical career Ceelo has featured in shows like the Good Life and was one of the judges in The Voice. Ceelo has had controversial episodes in his life but so have many other celebrities. Sometimes people can tie this moments to a celebrity trying to remain relevant in an industry where people become irrelevant overnight.

However, he took it to far in his controversial tweet where he laid out his stance about rape. There are minor things that people turn a blind eye to but this was not one of them. The show was canceled and he ‘resigned’ as a judge. He lost millions of dollars worth of contract just by not understanding what consent from a woman means.

Michael Vick

The American football has seen its fair share of controversial stars whose crimes have ranged from substance abuse, murder, robbery and assault. Mike Vick decided to join this group with charges of arranging dog fights and participating in their executions.

In 2006, while enjoying one of the highs of his career he was arraigned for the aforementioned charges. He entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to a year and nine months in prison. Many stars fade but fortunately he was able to make a comeback though with moderate success.

Many online celebrities have lost their glory with unavoidable blunders. Some have even lost roles by trying to change their appearance for example imagine Angelina Jolie without her trademark lips. However, there are of course others who have been vilified for the wrong reasons. In a world where everyone can share opinions instantly we will of course see more rise and more stumble.

Why Netflix May Soon Be Obsolete

The rise of television in the developed countries after the second world war like the United States, Britain was a very welcome development, and after a few years, it became the perfect tool for influencing the masses. Initially, television signals were distributed through high radio frequencies broadcasted to television sets individually.

Television has since then undergone significant transitions, from the blockbusters seen by millions of audiences all over the world to the shift to cable and internet television.The first significant experienced by television was the shift from Analogue television to Digital television. Digital TV transmission began in the late 2000s with governments around the world setting laws to support the ban of all analog television transmission by 2010. The tremendous rise of technology in the last century has led to a wave of transitions which have contributed so much to the industry, but as is widely known, development cannot exist without a negative side to it.

Ever since the inception of television, it has always faced a recurring problem, and that is the problem of saturation of the television industry with too much content that the viewers could not possibly keep up with everything. In the early days of the television industry, traditional broadcasts were the in-thing and they dominated the system with so many shows between Game shows, Reality TV shows, Prime Time shows, etc.

With the appearance of VCRs in the mainstream market in the 1970s, it was possible for audiences to keep track of their favorite TV shows and see them at their own convenience. VCRs eventually upgraded to DVRs which also gave viewers to record larger without the use of videotapes around 1999. These gave access to more television shows but it was still practically impossible to keep up with a majority of the television shows and blockbuster movies being churned out by major production companies such as Time Warner (now known as spectrum pictures).

The advent of Internet Television came with promises to revolutionize the television industry as television content could now be shared over the internet and brought closer to the viewers given the ability of the world wide web to connect the world. This development, of course, led to the innovation that brought Streaming Services to the forefront. Companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. came to the spotlight with the aim of improving the television experience and have in the process nearly obliterated the blockbuster market.

This is due to the fact that streaming services concentrated more efforts on making as many movies as viewers could possibly imagine available on the go and also left the rise of smart TVs which had instant access to the internet do their job for them. A lot of users in the world today now use televisions which are connected directly to the Internet, thereby giving them faster access to millions of movies in an instant, and with more than one of these streaming companies to go around, the near death of traditional broadcast is no surprise at all.

The truth is that although companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have managed to keep traditional broadcasts in the background, they also have begun to face the same problems faced by these blockbusters at the beginning which is the saturation of television with too much content that it becomes overly irritable to use. In recent times, despite the easier access to lots of television content, it has become increasingly hard to watch movies because of the availability of a variety of content on these streaming services.

It is practically impossible to get access to a target content by browsing through the categories like is usually done by a majority of viewers in most cases they have to resort to using titles. This will eventually lead to a serious decline in the audience base of these streaming services and needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

How big eCommerce brands like eBay and Amazon hurt their sellers

ALGORITHMS eBay is a San Jose, California based e-commerce corporation. It operates internationally, i.e., in more than 30 countries. Sales are done online through their website. Amazon, on the other hand, is a cloud computing company and an e-commerce from Seattle, Washington. It is the largest in the world in dealing with internet retailing closely following Alibaba groups as the second largest in online total sales.

eBay changed Best Match (the eBay sorting algorithm) which is responsible for determining the listings that rank at the top of a search and making sales in the website. The changes made were set to provide better services, display relevant, accurate titles, display the best photos that are attractive and market well the items on sale making their descriptions clear, offer low starting prices and lower the shipping fee and carry out their online marketing in the right format.

The changes were good for newcomers but not pleasing to the experienced sellers. One way that the changed policies and algorithm affects its sellers is the items on sale that have more auction hours or days are displayed on the first page while those with less hours or even minutes of auction are displayed at the bottom of the first page or in the other pages.

The latter sellers lose a lot of sales. Another example is the Best Match gives first priority to its best sellers, those sellers who make big sales. The small “infamous” sellers’ sales, in this case, will not be displayed in the first pages. They end up making little to no sales. The search results on eBay are corrupt. One searches for a certain item, let’s say, a Samsung Galaxy J5 and get results for Samsung galaxy Prime.

They do not display the results of the items being searched. By this, they tend to market the items displayed and a buyer may end up purchasing the displayed item, which is a big loss to the former item’s seller. There has been a sudden change in Amazon sales from the October of 2017. The sales have drastically gone down. Some of its big sellers became its small sellers. What is the reason behind this? Let us blame the change in policies and algorithms.

Top searches in Amazon were based on how vastly a product was purchased. During a search of a particular product, the highest on sales will appear at the top of the search. This does not happen anymore affecting the best sellers as their sales make a huge drop. They are not displayed to potential buyers. Best deals are not displayed to buyers. When a buyer searches for an affordable long lasting item, the results displayed are the expensive same quality items.

A loss to the former item’s seller. This are but a few examples of how the changes impacts have been felt. Businesses are risk taking. Much worse is building your business on someone else’s platform. One may incur huge profits or loses as is the case in these two biggest e-commerce brands.

How is the competition between eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba Shaping Up?

Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon are among the leaders in the sector of global eCommerce. Because all of this eCommerce giants perform in the same sector so there has been a fierce competition between all of these. As a customer, you can also notice that they are continuously offering a significant amount of
discounts and deals on different products to compete with one another. This competition is continuously helping the consumers to get products at least possible prices.

A large number of festival deals, special discount offers are being offered by the e-commerce stores time to time in which they often offer even 70-80% discounts on the actual price of the products. Such deals are being loved by the online buyers to a great extent.

Negative Aspects of Competition

Besides various advantages of this competition between eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress and various other popular eCommerce stores, there have been several disadvantages associates especially in relation to the sellers of the products. The ample amount of deals offered by these stores is affecting the selling processes of sellers who also intend to enjoy a handful of return on their investments. As the quantity of online purchasers is increasing day by day and sellers are also left only with the option of selling products through these giant eCommerce portals.

The competition among the different online stores is making them offer products at lesser prices as compared to one another. As a result, the quality of products has also been noticed to decline comparatively. Various research and studies have been carried out on online selling and eCommerce among which a research by the University of Illinois revealed that besides all the major positives of eCommerce, the declining quality of products is becoming a negative aspect. One of the major reasons behind this increasing decline in the quality is the lower prices being offered to the customer. In order to enjoy maximum revenue, sellers are manufacturing low quality and cheap goods.

Additionally, the global market of eCommerce has been inclined only towards a few of the stores and therefore individual retail stores are not being noticed at all. As a result, they find themselves forced to sell products through these giants. The competition among the eCommerce stores makes them
sell their products online at very less incentives when they produce high-quality items. As to overcome competition they have to offer their products at lower costs plus upon sale, the commission of the eCommerce platform also ruins their overall figure.

This reduced quality of products is quite alarming for the online consumers who wish to purchase good quality items. Online shopping can give a resounding experience to the customers for whom the price of goods matters more than the quality.

Although these eCommerce stores have certain standards to maintain the quality of products being sold through them, however as a buyer cannot have a personal experience of the item online so, quality of products remains unidentified till the time it is actually delivered to the buyer.

Analysing quality provided by Expensive retail brands

Over the years retail brands have been increasing all over the world and making huge amounts of profits from the sales made.

Expensive retail brands such as Amazon, Alibaba, E bay, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Walmart, The Home depot, Cotsco, Lowe’s and IKEA have been making huge amounts of profits from selling many types of products to their customers. Retail brands sell a variety of products from clothing and shoes commonly referred to as soft goods to food to appliances to cars to furniture and even art products (Etsy).

Amazon for a fact is considered one of the most expensive retail brand in the world with a value of about 139.29 billion U.S. dollars.

A good quality product should have the following characteristics: it should be reliable, durable, meet the standards provided, able to satisfy the customer, have good performance and stability and able to withstand competition of a substitute.

We can thus say that the expensive retail brands still do provide good quality products based on these features of a good quality product. To explain each of them we can start with reliability; a good quality product should be able to keep on providing the best services for the duration of time it is needed to, for example a quartz watch from Amazon should be able to provide reliable services for a long period of time without losing count in terms of minutes, seconds or hours.

Durability means ability of a product to last long, of cos this does not apply to perishable products as they may have to be kept under special conditions to last long but as for products such as cars and electrical appliances durability is key and retail brands do ensure this happens through provision of manuals and guides on how to best use the product. Expensive retail brands also provide products which meet the standards required as they take a lot of their time and money working on them and also testing their responses in different conditions. Performance and stability is also ensured by these expensive retail brands as the products are often performing at their best as per the given features and customer service provided in a case where anything goes wrong.

A good quality product is well able to challenge its competitors and this is what retail brands do they provide the best and quality product to meet needs and even at times eliminate their competition. Walmart is trying to beat its competitors through developing quality ideas for example developing the tech incubator to win more customers.

Last but not least is customer satisfaction which is by far the most important feature of a product, meeting the needs of a customer is the key to more sales and hence revenue and this is what expensive retailers often use and it can be seen through the good reviews they receive from their customers for example E bay, Amazon and Alibaba usually receive positive comments from their customers and also many referrals to their site.

Companies that ran offensive Advertising Campaigns

Adverting is a big deal in most companies since it is a way of communicating the specs to your products or services to your target market in a bid to convince them that the company has what they need to satisfy their insatiable needs. if a company runs a successful advertising campaign, then they are sure of making an increase in sales revenue. it requires some sort of research and ingenuity to be able to come up with an ad campaign that works out as intended.

The assumption is that all ad campaigns have a sure win when it comes to communicating with the target market but this is not the case as there are some scenarios where a specific advertising strategy from a given company offends the consumer to the point of bad publicity and criticism.

Here are some examples of companies whose ad campaigns were received with negative reviews and comments led to a decline in revenue in sales not because the product or service is unsatisfactory but due to the fact that the advertising strategy was rather unethical.


In 2002, a lawsuit was filed against MacDonald because the plaintiffs believed that there highly ‘deceptive advertising’ was luring consumers to the highly processed foods that in turn led to conditions such as obesity and high blood pressure. The then U.S. District Judge, Robert Sweet declared that MacDonald is not in any way to blame for aforesaid conditions due to the fact that the purchasing power is solely on the consumer and that advertising is an invitation to bid, not an order thus control is on the consumer and not the company. MacDonald won the next appeal but things were never to be the same for with the poor advert campaign came with it bad criticism and bad publicity.

Red bull.

This is also a multinational company whose advertisement ad to be pulled out because it relayed a “blasphemous” subject title. They were forced to stop running an animated advertisement in 2012, where Jesus is heard saying that he did not walk on water but there were hidden stones. This led to the some authorities threatening to ban the ad campaign. Realizing their mistake, they opted to leave out the animated commercial and replaced it with another. Having been aired in South Africa, during the scandal, it never got to be shown in the United States.


Nationwide ran a commercial during the 2015 Superbowl about a boy who was listing things he will never get to do because he would have died in car accident. A voice then says that at Nationwide, they secure the future of the children. This ad campaigns received bad reviews and criticism from viewers. Amobee Brand Intelligence, a research organization , collected data and from analysis found out that nearly 60% of viewers did not like the advertisement stating that it was too deep of a subject title considering that the Superbowl is fun, light-hearted event.

In conclusion, research is the vital factor when it comes to running a successful ad campaign and knowing your target audience will bring the company one step closer to achieving their goal which every business enterprise strives to reach;profit maximization.

10 Times Different Brands Botched a Product or Product Launch

A large company or brand has a greater capacity for risk taking. In spite of the fact that investing thousands of dollars into market research as well as advertising campaigns can result in impressive successes, such ventures may as well turn out to be a blueprint for most miserable failures.

Most firms frequently launch new products in reaction to a successful competitor’s idea. However, such products may fail if they don’t meet the standards of the competing groups. To make out a number of the worst product failure of all time. We now dive deep into the top 10 worst product failure ever.

1. Edsel.

Edsel was released in 1957 by Ford Company with a cost of at least $350 million. Edsel was an attempt by Ford to provide high-end vehicles for clients looking to upgrade. Unfortunately, Edsel was so expensive at the time that it didn’t sell out living the company in a significant loss.

2. TouchPad.

It was introduced in July 2011 to battle out with Apple’s iPad. In spite of the large scale press promotions and events, the TouchPad was an epic failure that was terminated almost immediately after the launch.

3. The Clairol Shampoo.

Released in 1979 by Procter and Gamble Company, the product contained various natural ingredients. Nonetheless, consumers did not like associating dairy with the hair product. The brand sold poorly and didn’t pick sufficient momentum to sustain it in the market.

4. Crystal Pepsi

Released in 1992 by Pepsico, the company sponsored the Crystal Pepsi as a straightforward and healthy diet beverage. However, many of the sales were probably due to curiosity. In the long run, the product did not penetrate into the market hence led to massive losses to the company.

5. Arch Delux

The McDonald’s company spent over $100 million in advertising the product. However, it was too expensive compared to substitute products. The failure was so epic that McDonald’s revised its strategy of introducing pricier items.

6. Zune

The Microsoft product failed to battle out with Apple’s well-established iPod brand. In 2009, hundreds of Zunes froze due to software glitches. Microsoft then abandoned the Zune brand to end the massive losses that had preceded its launch.

7. WOW! Chips.

In an effort by PepsiCo to provide healthy as well as less fattening junk food, it turned out to have unpleasant effects on the body. In the long run, the consumers rejected it because it couldn’t meet their expectations.

8. New Coke.

The Coca-Cola created its first recipe to alter its original flavor in 99 years. Unfortunately, the company lost over $30 million and $4 million in the concentrate of the new formula and testing respectively.

9. The Newton MessagePad.

Launched in 1993, the Apple’s Newton MessagePad met with favorable reviews and excitement. Nevertheless, Newton’s handwriting feature ruined the product and led to its discontinuation in 1998.

10. The Coors Mountain Sparkling water.

The Adolph Coors Company embarked on selling spring water in response to an inclination towards moderate alcohol intake and development in the bottled water sector. Although the venture benefited from the firm’s present bottling logistics as well as distribution, the brand did not sustain the sale of bottled water; consumers criticized the product for using the similar name to Coors beer. As a result, in 1997 Coors revoked their bottled water trademark.

Fantastic Useful Products Coming In 2018

We are already in the middle of the year and before we know it, we’re already facing fireworks and welcoming 2018! We’re sure that 2017 was a good year for you but we’re also sure you’re looking forward to another year ahead and a fresh new start. Every year there’s always something to look forward to, so we took the liberty of making a list of the products and services you should look forward to in 2018.

Keep reading and stay excited because after reading this we’re sure you wouldn’t be able to wait until this year ends.
1. In medicine: A drug is being developed to combat obesity.

You read that right! Scientists have spent years trying to discover ways in which to battle obesity, with many people around the world are in the risk of obesity and the factors that come with it like diabetes, high-blood pressure and heart enlargement, it has been a goal to create a drug to stop the obese numbers from growing. This drug is set to come out in 2018, known to trick your body into thinking that it has already consumed a whole meal and conditioning it to avoid unhealthy food.

2. In technology: We’re set to see a 100 Gigabyte Transfer per Second

You heard that right, a super high speed system is being developed to allow you to transfer as much data in a blink of an eye. This will enable a lot of us, especially those who handle paper works and transfer of files on the daily, to be able to do our work faster, their goal in the coming years is to transfer 1 Terabyte in a single second, but before that let’s wait for 100 gigabyte first. Your movie sharing will never be the same after this system hits the market in 2018

3. Still on Technology: Portable 3D Scanning

This sounds very comprehensive already but this 3D scanning will allow you to capture materials and even people in their exact measurements, making building and infrastructures easier to measure. This will become a big aid to architects and engineers from all across the globe.

This type of Portable 3D Scanning also caters to complex geometries and is also looking into the optical and medical side of the of 3D scanning. This will allow you to see the measurements and perspective at a much clearer perspective without having to figure out the dimensions by yourself. This 3D Scanning will offer more opportunities for photo analysis and medical results.

4. Airlines with Supersonic Jets Will Be Released

Flying will never be the same in 2018, as there is an airline whose name we do not know yet who will be flying supersonic jets in 2018, which will be available in the commercial flight market. This means that now we can skip the long hours of travel and be able to get to our destinations faster than ever before. This supersonic jet is expected to cut regular flight hours into half, making your 8-hour flight into closer 4-hour flights. This supersonic jet will be announced in 2018.

We are sure you’re already as hyped as we are for 2018, for now, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the year ahead. For all you know, you might be meeting the enumerated products much sooner than expected.

5 Online Business Trends For 2017

Technology has over the years brought many changes in our lives. Do you remember those days without mobile phones, people use to travel far so that they can pass information. Also in the past buying and selling involved the use of cash money. We use to take cash in our hands to pay school fees and other commodities in life.

Dealing with money directly is something which is always a risk in life as the cash might get lost or you can be easily robbed. Thanks to the technology because it has made our lives easier.

The issue of buying and selling has been changed to something enjoyable and secure. Today with the introduction of e-commerce you can get products and services you need without necessarily having cash in hand. Here are the online business trends in 2017.

1. Social selling

Many people today are using social places and media to either buy or sell their products. Social platforms such as Facebook and 2go are used by many to advertise their goods. Facebook has been doing a lot in promoting the new products and looking for customers. However several networks have been coming out to increase the selling options. They are also expected to increase by the end of this year. As this diversify more goods and services are also expected to be sold worldwide.

2. Artificial intelligence.

Because of the many steps needed in e-commerce many people ought to have a lot in their mind to be able to sell and get products online. If you don’t know how to load a master card, you won’t be able to buy, and if you don’t have a selling platform, you won’t sell. With the new technology people must be smart mentally. After not more than one year many users will have flooded on this e-commerce market hence those with artificial intelligence will maneuver more than others.

3. The use of mobile

Since online business entails the use of the internet, there will be increased use of mobile phones. This is because mobile phones are cheaper as compared to other internet accessing gadgets like the computers and laptops. Also, the phones are portable. The phone market will be full of customers always. Another obvious thing is that most people will be in a position to use their phones as small banks.

3. Payment through mobile.

Because of the no cash system, there are many mobile payments nowadays. Almost all the business are using mobile payments. Many users of smartphones have got the apps that assist them in paying their goods. This has to curb many losses associated with carrying cash in hand.

4. Appropriate marketing

Online business entails keeping of records and information regarding their customers. This assist to pass out the goods to the appropriate customer. They get to the required customer at the right time. This record keeping is also another way of telling how the products and services are being sold. It also assists in what ought to be done to improve their services. Keeping personalized data assist the company concern to understand what is needed to be done in order to satisfy the customer.

5. Increase daily delivery.

Due to increase awareness of the online business services, many people have embraced it hence the delivery of services is not only faster but there are many deliveries made each day as compared to the previous models of buying and selling platforms.

Among many other trends these just but a few commerce trend that is already seen in 2017.

The internal battle of the E Commerce world

E Commerce is the transaction of buying or selling items or services over the internet. The diverse world of E Commerce is increasingly popular and is in constant competition to offer consumers the best prices and speedy delivery. From Amazon to eBay, Shopify to; there is a seemingly endless availability of online retailers offering anything from video games, to attire and home goods.

With a wide array of options, each individual online retailer has begun to take steps toward individuality, or making changes to stand out from the competition. Over the next few minutes I will go over in detail some of the ways in which E Commerce sites are working to draw in more consumers, choosing their services over the service of another online retailer.

Amazon is perhaps the most well-known and widely used E Commerce site out there. It has set the standard for online retailers of all kinds. Recent studies have shown that Amazons dominance is due in large part to the sites personalization options during product searches. It is due to this personalization that online shoppers choose Amazon over Google on a daily basis. While Amazon grows in popularity, other online retailers are working hard day and night to become worthy contenders.

How can other E Commerce sites compete?

Beginning with the online giant known as eBay, different online shopping sites are slowly awakening, ready to compete with Amazon. While many think of Ebay as an online auction house, new owner John Donahoe has bigger plans in mind. For starters he has partnered Ebay with massive retailers like Home Depot and Toys �R’ Us, increasing the availability of different types of products. In addition eBay has made a total of 34 acquisitions over the period of the last five years, with most of them aiming to provide the company and its retailers with the most up-to-date technology available.

While many companies might feel like they cannot even begin to compete with a retail giant like Amazon, this is simply not true. There are a few adaptations you and your company can make to contend.

· Narrow product options – Amazon sells virtually EVERYTHING. Specializing in one or two niches can help set you apart.

· Subscription services are growing in popularity. Utilizing this system will help draw in more consumer traffic, guaranteeing the weekly or monthly sale of products.

· Shipping options should stand apart from other E Commerce sites. Offering options like flat-rate free shipping is likely to please.

· Stellar customer service will not only maintain your current customer base, but by word of mouth it will also attract new buyers.

The bottom line?

While sites like Amazon and eBay currently topple the E Commerce world, it is not impossible for your small to medium online business to throw some competition their way. By simple specializing in what these businesses lack, or picking up where they need improvement, people will start to see a clear difference between your company and the others. Do not hesitate to research these big name retailers to find out what you could do better!