5 Online Business Trends For 2017

Technology has over the years brought many changes in our lives. Do you remember those days without mobile phones, people use to travel far so that they can pass information. Also in the past buying and selling involved the use of cash money. We use to take cash in our hands to pay school fees and other commodities in life.

Dealing with money directly is something which is always a risk in life as the cash might get lost or you can be easily robbed. Thanks to the technology because it has made our lives easier.

The issue of buying and selling has been changed to something enjoyable and secure. Today with the introduction of e-commerce you can get products and services you need without necessarily having cash in hand. Here are the online business trends in 2017.

1. Social selling

Many people today are using social places and media to either buy or sell their products. Social platforms such as Facebook and 2go are used by many to advertise their goods. Facebook has been doing a lot in promoting the new products and looking for customers. However several networks have been coming out to increase the selling options. They are also expected to increase by the end of this year. As this diversify more goods and services are also expected to be sold worldwide.

2. Artificial intelligence.

Because of the many steps needed in e-commerce many people ought to have a lot in their mind to be able to sell and get products online. If you don’t know how to load a master card, you won’t be able to buy, and if you don’t have a selling platform, you won’t sell. With the new technology people must be smart mentally. After not more than one year many users will have flooded on this e-commerce market hence those with artificial intelligence will maneuver more than others.

3. The use of mobile

Since online business entails the use of the internet, there will be increased use of mobile phones. This is because mobile phones are cheaper as compared to other internet accessing gadgets like the computers and laptops. Also, the phones are portable. The phone market will be full of customers always. Another obvious thing is that most people will be in a position to use their phones as small banks.

3. Payment through mobile.

Because of the no cash system, there are many mobile payments nowadays. Almost all the business are using mobile payments. Many users of smartphones have got the apps that assist them in paying their goods. This has to curb many losses associated with carrying cash in hand.

4. Appropriate marketing

Online business entails keeping of records and information regarding their customers. This assist to pass out the goods to the appropriate customer. They get to the required customer at the right time. This record keeping is also another way of telling how the products and services are being sold. It also assists in what ought to be done to improve their services. Keeping personalized data assist the company concern to understand what is needed to be done in order to satisfy the customer.

5. Increase daily delivery.

Due to increase awareness of the online business services, many people have embraced it hence the delivery of services is not only faster but there are many deliveries made each day as compared to the previous models of buying and selling platforms.

Among many other trends these just but a few commerce trend that is already seen in 2017.

The internal battle of the E Commerce world

E Commerce is the transaction of buying or selling items or services over the internet. The diverse world of E Commerce is increasingly popular and is in constant competition to offer consumers the best prices and speedy delivery. From Amazon to eBay, Shopify to Overstock.com; there is a seemingly endless availability of online retailers offering anything from video games, to attire and home goods.

With a wide array of options, each individual online retailer has begun to take steps toward individuality, or making changes to stand out from the competition. Over the next few minutes I will go over in detail some of the ways in which E Commerce sites are working to draw in more consumers, choosing their services over the service of another online retailer.


Amazon.com is perhaps the most well-known and widely used E Commerce site out there. It has set the standard for online retailers of all kinds. Recent studies have shown that Amazons dominance is due in large part to the sites personalization options during product searches. It is due to this personalization that online shoppers choose Amazon over Google on a daily basis. While Amazon grows in popularity, other online retailers are working hard day and night to become worthy contenders.

How can other E Commerce sites compete?

Beginning with the online giant known as eBay, different online shopping sites are slowly awakening, ready to compete with Amazon. While many think of Ebay as an online auction house, new owner John Donahoe has bigger plans in mind. For starters he has partnered Ebay with massive retailers like Home Depot and Toys �R’ Us, increasing the availability of different types of products. In addition eBay has made a total of 34 acquisitions over the period of the last five years, with most of them aiming to provide the company and its retailers with the most up-to-date technology available.

While many companies might feel like they cannot even begin to compete with a retail giant like Amazon, this is simply not true. There are a few adaptations you and your company can make to contend.

· Narrow product options – Amazon sells virtually EVERYTHING. Specializing in one or two niches can help set you apart.

· Subscription services are growing in popularity. Utilizing this system will help draw in more consumer traffic, guaranteeing the weekly or monthly sale of products.

· Shipping options should stand apart from other E Commerce sites. Offering options like flat-rate free shipping is likely to please.

· Stellar customer service will not only maintain your current customer base, but by word of mouth it will also attract new buyers.

The bottom line?

While sites like Amazon and eBay currently topple the E Commerce world, it is not impossible for your small to medium online business to throw some competition their way. By simple specializing in what these businesses lack, or picking up where they need improvement, people will start to see a clear difference between your company and the others. Do not hesitate to research these big name retailers to find out what you could do better!

Why more companies are becoming interested in promotional products


Promotional items are always a welcome gift to customers, other businesses and employees. By giving someone in your company’s target market something new for free, your business will immediate generate more attention. You can use these promotional pieces to talk about what the business offers, new products, available services, increase brand recognition and much more. In addition, the promotional merchandise will help to increase the level of trust that your customers have with your business.

After all, if you are so confident in your business and its products and services that you are giving away things for free, why wouldn’t a future customer trust your company? That the business offers, new products, available services, increase brand recognition and much more. In addition, the promotional merchandise will help to increase the level of trust that your customers have with your business. After all, if you are so confident in your business and its products and services that you are giving away things for free, why wouldn’t a future customer trust your company?

The use of promotional products is no different and they are also created with a prospect of marketing. In fact, it is one of the cleverest forms of marketing that has never failed the promoter. The trick of providing customers something free of cost without asking for anything has proved to be the best way to attract the attention of the market.

When you take some time looking online you will likely find a variety of stores from where it is possible to purchase various items designed for promotional purposes. If you are a business owner and you have not yet implemented an advertising strategy with promotional products then you could very well be missing out on a great way to get the word out about the unique products or services that you are selling. Companies and businesses from all over the world have been using this sort of promotional strategy for a very long time now, and the reason for this is because it works.

One of the top ways to promote your business and merchandise company overseas is through the use of promotional items. Whether you are a new company looking to expand your brand recognition or an established business with a new product or service, marketing with promotional items is a cost-effective way to get your message out that can have a long-term return on investment (ROI) for your business.

There are two main focus points for every business sales – customer attraction and customer retention. With promotional advertising, you can learn how to generate more sales leads with Promotional Products in a way that makes sense to your business. For the customers that you already have, you can find promotional items that will keep them around for long-term success.

promotional products can be any regular household item or piece of clothing that has your company logo or idea printed on it. For example, if you were to put your company logo on a T shirt and then sell that T shirt or distribute it free along with one of your sold products, you would then be exposing your logo to other people whenever the person wearing this shirt walks in a busy area. Of course, if you do plan on promoting your company this way you will want to make sure that you find the very best promotional products available.

Discover Some of the Interesting Changes in the Retail Industry

shopping girlfriends 

Retail has no choice but to be dynamic, flexible, adaptive and innovative to keep up with consumers. We’ve moved so far from the idea that retail is all about selling products that we can’t really even see it on the horizon anymore.

Retail, nowadays, is about connecting with a customer and offering them an experience, not just a product. And as consumers keep evolving, the retail industry has to follow suit.

Here are some of the cooler changes we’ve recently seen in the retail sector.

The Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Some retailers are keeping pace with technology and consumers by offering a truly omnichannel experience. This means a consumer can go from channel to channel seamlessly, such as doing research online, testing the product in person at a physical location and finally placing their order online. And throughout the process, the consumer’s preferences are retained, making their shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Online Retailers Are Shortening Shipping Times

More and more people are shopping online and retailers are coming to understand that one of the major points that decides whether someone will order something online or go out to buy it is the delivery time.

For that reason, Amazon now offers same-day delivery in certain cities in the United States, with one- to two-day delivery for the rest of the continental area of the country. It’s likely we’ll be seeing same-day delivery become increasingly common, at the very least from a retailer like Amazon.

Once that happens, brick and mortar stores will lose even more foot traffic, and they should be prepared to find alternative solutions if they haven’t done so already, such as building an online presence.

Retailers Are Focusing More on the Experience

Consumers are no longer just looking to make a purchase. They want an experience. For example, they want to relax and maybe even have a snack or two while shopping.

An increasing number of retailers are starting to understand precisely what consumers are after and, as a result, are offering more than the products they normally sell in their physical locations.

Some retailers are offering relaxation corners where customers can take a small break and even have a cup of coffee and a snack. Other retailers are making life even easier and are offering fresh food, even if they aren’t grocery stores.

Pop-Up Stores Help Build Memories

Consumers also want to build fun memories, which is why pop-up stores are becoming increasingly popular. They tend to show up precisely when they’re needed most, such as around the launch of a movie or around specific holidays, and are a great way for customers to experience a somewhat different shopping experience.

It’s also a great option for retailers because pop-up stores are certainly cheaper than maintaining a physical location all year-round, which is why many online retailers are turning to these types of stores.

The retail industry needs to keep changing and they need to speed up the rate at which they do it because at the moment they aren’t really keeping up with consumer habits and wants. The ones that will suffer most are those with physical locations, especially since online retailers seem to be more responsive and adaptive.