5 Online Business Trends For 2017

Technology has over the years brought many changes in our lives. Do you remember those days without mobile phones, people use to travel far so that they can pass information. Also in the past buying and selling involved the use of cash money. We use to take cash in our hands to pay school fees and other commodities in life.

Dealing with money directly is something which is always a risk in life as the cash might get lost or you can be easily robbed. Thanks to the technology because it has made our lives easier.

The issue of buying and selling has been changed to something enjoyable and secure. Today with the introduction of e-commerce you can get products and services you need without necessarily having cash in hand. Here are the online business trends in 2017.

1. Social selling

Many people today are using social places and media to either buy or sell their products. Social platforms such as Facebook and 2go are used by many to advertise their goods. Facebook has been doing a lot in promoting the new products and looking for customers. However several networks have been coming out to increase the selling options. They are also expected to increase by the end of this year. As this diversify more goods and services are also expected to be sold worldwide.

2. Artificial intelligence.

Because of the many steps needed in e-commerce many people ought to have a lot in their mind to be able to sell and get products online. If you don’t know how to load a master card, you won’t be able to buy, and if you don’t have a selling platform, you won’t sell. With the new technology people must be smart mentally. After not more than one year many users will have flooded on this e-commerce market hence those with artificial intelligence will maneuver more than others.

3. The use of mobile

Since online business entails the use of the internet, there will be increased use of mobile phones. This is because mobile phones are cheaper as compared to other internet accessing gadgets like the computers and laptops. Also, the phones are portable. The phone market will be full of customers always. Another obvious thing is that most people will be in a position to use their phones as small banks.

3. Payment through mobile.

Because of the no cash system, there are many mobile payments nowadays. Almost all the business are using mobile payments. Many users of smartphones have got the apps that assist them in paying their goods. This has to curb many losses associated with carrying cash in hand.

4. Appropriate marketing

Online business entails keeping of records and information regarding their customers. This assist to pass out the goods to the appropriate customer. They get to the required customer at the right time. This record keeping is also another way of telling how the products and services are being sold. It also assists in what ought to be done to improve their services. Keeping personalized data assist the company concern to understand what is needed to be done in order to satisfy the customer.

5. Increase daily delivery.

Due to increase awareness of the online business services, many people have embraced it hence the delivery of services is not only faster but there are many deliveries made each day as compared to the previous models of buying and selling platforms.

Among many other trends these just but a few commerce trend that is already seen in 2017.