Fantastic Useful Products Coming In 2018

We are already in the middle of the year and before we know it, we’re already facing fireworks and welcoming 2018! We’re sure that 2017 was a good year for you but we’re also sure you’re looking forward to another year ahead and a fresh new start. Every year there’s always something to look forward to, so we took the liberty of making a list of the products and services you should look forward to in 2018.

Keep reading and stay excited because after reading this we’re sure you wouldn’t be able to wait until this year ends.
1. In medicine: A drug is being developed to combat obesity.

You read that right! Scientists have spent years trying to discover ways in which to battle obesity, with many people around the world are in the risk of obesity and the factors that come with it like diabetes, high-blood pressure and heart enlargement, it has been a goal to create a drug to stop the obese numbers from growing. This drug is set to come out in 2018, known to trick your body into thinking that it has already consumed a whole meal and conditioning it to avoid unhealthy food.

2. In technology: We’re set to see a 100 Gigabyte Transfer per Second

You heard that right, a super high speed system is being developed to allow you to transfer as much data in a blink of an eye. This will enable a lot of us, especially those who handle paper works and transfer of files on the daily, to be able to do our work faster, their goal in the coming years is to transfer 1 Terabyte in a single second, but before that let’s wait for 100 gigabyte first. Your movie sharing will never be the same after this system hits the market in 2018

3. Still on Technology: Portable 3D Scanning

This sounds very comprehensive already but this 3D scanning will allow you to capture materials and even people in their exact measurements, making building and infrastructures easier to measure. This will become a big aid to architects and engineers from all across the globe.

This type of Portable 3D Scanning also caters to complex geometries and is also looking into the optical and medical side of the of 3D scanning. This will allow you to see the measurements and perspective at a much clearer perspective without having to figure out the dimensions by yourself. This 3D Scanning will offer more opportunities for photo analysis and medical results.

4. Airlines with Supersonic Jets Will Be Released

Flying will never be the same in 2018, as there is an airline whose name we do not know yet who will be flying supersonic jets in 2018, which will be available in the commercial flight market. This means that now we can skip the long hours of travel and be able to get to our destinations faster than ever before. This supersonic jet is expected to cut regular flight hours into half, making your 8-hour flight into closer 4-hour flights. This supersonic jet will be announced in 2018.

We are sure you’re already as hyped as we are for 2018, for now, sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the year ahead. For all you know, you might be meeting the enumerated products much sooner than expected.