Online Blunders That Cost Celebrities

With the advent of social media news spreads faster and people are more critical than ever. The online community is unforgiving and once they get to you there will be no holds barred. Countless times we have seen celebrities ruin their lives with racist rants, drug addiction, rape, sexist comments, drunk driving, child pornography among many others. With just one bad move, online celebrities have not only lost million of dollars in suits against them but also their reputation and with it future deals. Here are some celebrities whose celebrity status took a nosedive.

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan was a star we couldn’t wait to see on Smack Down with his bulging muscle, his trademark white mustache and his killer moves in the ring. We almost always knew he will rip his vest and bit the pulp out of someone. He has also graced us with several movies from the 1980s in a career spanning over three decades.His career at the WWE went down the drain when his daughter Brooke started dating a black man and apparently Hogan was against it. In a tape released he is heard admitting he is a racist to a point. He was also heard saying that it would have been better were she dating a millionaire or at least a famous basketball player. A massive lawsuit followed which Hogan ended up winning although with a tarnished reputation. He was however terminated from WWE.
Ceelo Green

He is known for his amazing vocals and several hits he has released in his music career. Apart from his musical career Ceelo has featured in shows like the Good Life and was one of the judges in The Voice. Ceelo has had controversial episodes in his life but so have many other celebrities. Sometimes people can tie this moments to a celebrity trying to remain relevant in an industry where people become irrelevant overnight.

However, he took it to far in his controversial tweet where he laid out his stance about rape. There are minor things that people turn a blind eye to but this was not one of them. The show was canceled and he ‘resigned’ as a judge. He lost millions of dollars worth of contract just by not understanding what consent from a woman means.

Michael Vick

The American football has seen its fair share of controversial stars whose crimes have ranged from substance abuse, murder, robbery and assault. Mike Vick decided to join this group with charges of arranging dog fights and participating in their executions.

In 2006, while enjoying one of the highs of his career he was arraigned for the aforementioned charges. He entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to a year and nine months in prison. Many stars fade but fortunately he was able to make a comeback though with moderate success.

Many online celebrities have lost their glory with unavoidable blunders. Some have even lost roles by trying to change their appearance for example imagine Angelina Jolie without her trademark lips. However, there are of course others who have been vilified for the wrong reasons. In a world where everyone can share opinions instantly we will of course see more rise and more stumble.